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Angel AC 1

range 26-100 mm
peso/weight 276g
tenuta/holding force 11 KN (on 27-95 mm)

manuale d’uso / operating instructions

mode d’emploi / gebrauchsanleitung


160,00 Eur (for Extra-EU countries)
195,20 Eur (160,00 + Iva/Vat for EU countries)


160,00  +Iva/Vat


Your Opinion

11 reviews for Angel AC 1

  1. Matteo M.

    super friend! bravi ragazzi che finalmente avete introdotto una novità!

  2. Cristiano

    è il vero jolly. ieri su una via in dolomiti mi sono portato Angel oltre alla normale serie di friends. l’ho usato su quasi tutti i tiri sia perchè doppia la misura dal 0.75 al 4 BD sia perchè in buchi e fessure molto irregolari, avendo un’apertura asimmetrica, garantisce un’ottima tenuta a differenza dei friends normali. ha sicuramente un validissimo utilizzo su vie protette dove serve integrare ogni tanto (evita quindi di portare l’intera serie) e a mio avviso per il lavoro di guida. brava AlternativeCurrent

  3. Dimitri

    Angel is fantastic, it’s part of my equipment and I can’t do without it anymore! is the wild card that solves the problem!

  4. Cristian

    Innovative rock climbing tool, simple to use and very intuitive because in 5 minutes you will learn to exploit its excellent qualities. I buy it immediately, excellent also in mixed mountaineering routes where it is possible to use fast rope protections with short preservation. At the limit moments you can use this wildcard because you are not afraid to take the wrong friend in your hand, he fits any slot, it is your angel! A grest invention! 🔝🔝

  5. Ryan Franz (verified owner)

    I pretty much place this every belay. It takes some practice to use to its full potential, but I’ve gotten solid placements with it where nothing else will fit. Also everyone finds it very interesting that sees it. Cool to see such an innovative idea that actually works–this cam must have taken an immense amount of design and refinement to get it to this stage.

  6. Leo

    Super atrezzo , veloce da inserire lavora sempre ottimamente
    il jolly sempre a portata

  7. Mark W (verified owner)

    I really like the angel and it goes up most onsights with me now. It holds extremely solid and is great for anything but extreme limit trad climbs. Take some time on the ground to get used to placing and cleaning so you understand how it differs from a standard cam and you’ll be well rewarded when on the wall.

  8. mike cole (verified owner)

    Fantastic piece of gear, life saver, easy to place and instinctive to use.
    First piece I go for in a pressure situation, very pleased,can’t recommend it highly enough
    Keep up the good work guys very clever design.
    Thanks again

  9. Dominicano (verified owner)

    Muy buena herramienta lo llevo en todas mis escaladas y estoy totalmente satisfecho con su funcionamiento. Genial.

  10. Bart smets

    Interesting device, ideal in case of need of some doubles in camming devices… Or for mountaineering to have something with you. It needs some practice before use and enough power in the hands. First impressions in some trad climbs already good

  11. Mr. Rogers (verified owner)

    I do lots of exploration of new cliffs in hopes of finding climbs to establish. This piece of kit has been very useful in creating anchorage when going into the unknown as I know I can cover a lot of ground with one piece.
    Between this and 2 link cams I can make anchors in a crazy wide range of cracks with only 3 pieces of gear.
    One gripe is that it’s just not easy to re rack well with one hand at all.

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